Top 6 tips on how to study for competitive exams


Top 6 tips on how to study for competitive exams

Preparing for competitive exams? Confused what to do? Planning your study and sticking to the plan is crucial to achieve your desired results in a competitive exam. You need to follow some dos and don’ts to prepare yourself well for the exam and that too, by doing self-study in a right way. Here are some useful tips to crack your exam easily-

  1. Plan your study

You need to plan your schedule on basis of the syllabus. First try to understand which topics you find difficult and which you find simple. Start with the easiest subject. Your comfort with that subject will give you the confidence to study the difficult ones. Highlight the important points, note down your queries and discuss them with your faculties. Decide whether you want join any online courses or the special coaching classes for competitive exams which conduct mock tests.

  1. Set proper study timings

Duration of your daily study period plays an important role. You need to understand your abilities to concentrate and sit in a place for study. Is it possible for you to set your targets accordingly? Study for 2 hrs, take 10-15 minutes break and start again. There has to be a balance between study and leisure activities which refresh you and helps you to study with an energized mind.

  1. Remember Keywords

Jot down important things. Use map drawing or tree drawing technique. These notes will help you during your final exam because you won’t have enough time to the detailed notes or book at final few hours. At that time, you can simply read these notes. Do not just keep mugging up. Practice by solving more and more mock tests. The more you will practice will make you perfect.

  1. Revise Thoroughly

Revision is a must. The more you revise, the easier it will be for you during the exam. Revision will help you to refresh all the concepts and will make it easy for you to attempt the maximum number of questions. .

  1. Have a proper diet and enough sleep

Avoid eating junk food, stay healthy. Eat home-cooked food and keep yourself hydrated by drinking water, fresh juices etc. Try to get minimum 8 hours of sleep, if you are tired or sleep-deprived, you will find hard to remember the things. Avoid studying when you are sleepy.

  1. Keep yourself away from distractions

This is the most important point you have to keep in mind. You need to figure out that at this moment what is more important for you. Manage your social time and study time. Choose your study place properly; if the place is noisy keep yourself away from it. These things matter a lot. Every minute counts and you don’t know where it will lead you. Switch off your phone while you are studying.

We would suggest, do not stress yourself much. Believe in yourself and put in your efforts and the results will be marvelous. Hope these tips will help you! All the best!